Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Yalo Studio to Open Textile Expansion, Yalo-Run Textiles!

Y'all -- I have been slaving away since last November single-handedly ( almost) renovating an old building three doors down from Yalo Studio. Why? Well, for one because I'm apparently crazy and two because I'm expanding my own quilting studio at Yalo to become a full-on experimental craft workshop and textile supply store! We have no textile stores in Yalobusha County and the only place to get a needle is Fred's dollar store and lemme tell ya...nuh-uh. Folks in town have been extremely supportive and curious ( of course) about what all I have going on so I cannot wait to get this thing going. I'm partnering with designers Susan Cianciolo & Kiva Motnyk of NYC on this project. They are big, big fans of Water Valley and wrote a very nice explanation below of what exactly it is were doing. I've included pictures of work Susan and I did last summer at Yalo Studio that involved a fashion show using models that were just regular ol' beautiful Water Vallians. Much of the quilting and seamstress work was down by the local quilt guild. It was a great project and it is what inspired us to expand on it further. Look for the new textile part of Yalo Studio, which we are calling Yalo-Run Textile, to open in Late July at 211 N. Main Street.
-- Coulter

Coulter Fussell, Susan Cianciolo and Kiva Motnyk of Thompson Street Studio are partnering to establish YaloRun, a multifunctional creative space and textile supply store in Water Valley, Mississippi. The project is funded in part by a grant provided by the Mississippi Development Authority Office of Tourism to help develop the local economy.

The store will offer sewing and quilting supplies, and tools for craft and textile development.  A material and piecework exchange for second hand materials will foster collaboration and creative reuse.
The space will host weekend and week-long workshops with a curriculum lead by Susan Cianciolo, taught by local artisans as well as international guest artists. Classes will include textile design, silkscreening, block printing, letter press, and quilting with experimental and traditional techniques.  Affordable and no-cost art classes and programs will be offered.  

YaloRun will also serve as an employment resource, offering fair wage income to hand sewers and quilters in the community.  YaloRun is part of broader grassroots movements; reinvigorating craft in America, maintaining our traditional communities centered on handcraft, and promoting the development of the arts.