Thursday, July 24, 2014

SUSAN CIANCIOLO: 2014 Lapides/Pinehurst Summer Resident

susan cianciolo
yalo studio
water valley mississippi
summer 2014

Our summertime partner-in-crime, Mary Lapides of NYC/Coffeeville, MS, has brought us another stellar artist in resident. This year renowned avant-garde fashion designer Susan Cianciolo has bravely accepted the Lapides-Pinehurst Residency and is already settled in Water Valley tolerating the heat for what is always a whirlwind of a week. Typically the artist arrives a week or two before the opening which is also the week or two before Water Valley's biggest event of the year, the Annual Watermelon Festivial. The town is in a tizzy during this time. So is everyone at Yalo Studio and the Lapides compound as we scramble to conceptualize, build and execute an opening in the course of week. It is the highlight of my year and an adventure for the artist, who gets to experience what it's like to do what they do in a small, rural southern town.

In the Yalo show, Susan is drawing from the craft tradition as inspiration for her work. With her uncanny ability to see the potential in every single little scrap, Susan uses the things Grandmother Left Behind as material, pulling bits and pieces together with a beautifully balanced mix of technical skill and playful, childlike experimental freedom. 

And in keeping with the craft tradition, much of Susan's work is shared with her 6 year old daughter. Many a quilt and dress has been made by a mother with a few stitches added here and there by the child at her side. Susan lets this aspect of craft life flow over into her artwork.

Read more about Susan's career at these links and watch a video of some of her latest work in Japan below.

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Please join us Friday nite August 1st from 6:00 - 8:30 pm for the opening of Susan Cianciolo's Yalo Studio show!